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Inspired by the healing elements of nature... 

A true spa experience... 

Relax and escape in our beautiful serene environment.

Make Your Appointment Today.  Call Us At:  (416)  553 -0606

Who We Are

We are your cozy local spa providing you with quality, professional skincare at affordable prices...

Whether you would like to relax & escape from your daily stressors or are serious about skincare...

We are here to listen to your needs...

We Offer Personalized Initial and Ongoing Skin Consultations

During your first visit, an esthetician will do an assessment of your skin, evaluate your skin care issues, needs and goals, and recommend the best suited treatment.

We will track progress, skin changes, adjustment of treatments, etc. We listen and try to address all concerns possible.

Our 3 Main Specialties

Natural & Organic Facials & Treatments

We use products containing bio-active natural and organic ingredients, which includes extracts, real fruits and vegetables, vitamins, minerals, beautiful oils and floral waters.  Non-toxic for you and the environment.

Natural & Organic Facials & Treatments

Deep Clean & Hydra-Facials

What our customers are saying

Excellent service.  They use organic products.  Took my mom and dad and they loved it.

Sameep - September 2019

Dark Skin Peels, Facials & Treatments

Finally someone understands the complexity of your skin... We specialize in issues specific to darker skin tones, understanding their unique challenges, we aim to help brighten, lighten and achieve a more uniform vibrant complexion.

Dark Skin Peels


Oxygen Infusion Facials & Treatment

What our customers are saying

After my first peel I noticed the spots on my forehead started to fade, even my roommate noticed!

Danielle W. - June 2018

Anti-Aging Facials & Treatments

These help to tighten, firm and plump skin, even out skin tone and texture related to aging and sun damage.  Leaving you with a smoother, refreshed and more youthful appearance.

Chemical Peels

RF Skin Tightening For 

Face & Body

Oxygen Infusion Facials & Treatment


What our customers are saying

I never had an Oxygen Facial before and I didn't know what to expect. It felt so different from other facials and my cheeks were higher and plump when I left the spa. It lasted for days. Definitely going back for more!

Preya S - June 2019

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What our customers are saying

Excellent experience and amazing services.  The staff there are very honest on what products or services will suit your needs.

Phylisha - March 2020

This place is excellent value for price!  The quality of the treatment you receive is very good - I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for regularly scheduled affordable skin treatment options (specifically peels - performed every two to three weeks).  The owner, Penny is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about each client's specific needs - you will witness this after your consultation with her.

Numaya - February 2020

I have gone to several spas over the years, gotten a variety of treatments from microdermabrasions to peels, and this is truly an absolute must go to place.  The owner, Penny never tries to upsell you anything that you don't need, but always recommends what is best for you.  She has a treatment called dark skin peel which is an absolutely must for anyone with dark skin.  Her spa is very reasonable, the quality of the facials are top notch, and just as top notch is the service.  My skin has never looked so good!  A hidden gem! 

Uzma (Batool) - September 2019


Our Hours Of Operation

All bookings are made by appointment only

Monday we are  CLOSED
Tuesday         10:30 to 4:00
Wednesday    10:30 to 5:30
Thursday        12:00 to 4:00
Friday              10:30 to 4:30
Saturday         10:30 to 4:00

 Please call us at (416)  553 -0606 

to schedule your appointment.

Get In Touch!


The Blacksea Spa

Burnview Medical Building

2nd Floor

Unit 204 - 3225 Lawrence Avenue East

Scarborough ON


(416)  553 -0606

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