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Natural & Organic Facials & Treatments

Naturally beautiful for you and the planet...

What Is An Organic Facial?

Natural and organic facials and treatments are the "go to" for those who want an all natural holistic experience that let's you feeling pampered, energized, and overall feeling good!

Our main skincare line we use at The Blacksea Spa Is YUM Gourmet Skin Care.  Made here in Vancouver, Canada and not tested on animals!

YUM uses the latest in cosmeceutical bioactive ingredients and is vegan certified.  It contains organic oils, butters and extracts plus whole natural source gourmet ingredients.  These are no ordinary products...YUM is where nature meets science....

We also have made YUM available for your at home skin care.  Make the switch and see the healing begin!

Benefits Of Natural & Organic Facials & Treatments

Natural and organic facials and treatments are beneficial for overall well being.  The uses and benefits of them are very versatile.

  • Living a holistic lifestyle
  • Avoiding toxic, and harmful ingredients especially in times of pregnancy, breast feeding, illness etc.
  • When your skin is knocked off balance and is in need of healing and nourishment
  • A facial for in between chemical peels
  • Good before a special event
  • Have sensitive skin
  • Need to relax and unwind
  • Just want to feel good about doing good!

Natural & Organic Facials & Treatments We Offer

Starting from $55.00

Organic Facial:  A traditional cleansing, relaxing facial using simple and pure lotions and oils.  Enjoy a calming facial massage and mask.

Vitamin C Power Facial:  A protective, powerful anti-aging facial rich in skin boosting vitamin C and antioxidants.  Good for dull, mature or hyperpigmented skin.

Natural Fruit Acid Peels:  These active, exfoliating peels, gently dissolves dead skin cells, revealing a healthy glow.  They are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and are packed with natural colours, scents, and textures.  Making it a sensory experience...

* Wild Cherry Peel (brightening, hyperpigmentation, oily skin)

* Pumpkin Peel (acne, oily, mature skin)

* Apple Sugar Peel (sensitive, dry skin, roscea)

What our customers are saying

A very soothing environment.  Very nice staff and an extremely relaxing facial...

Nida - December 2019

Not Sure Which Natural & Organic Facial & Treatment Is Right For You?

Don't worry, we understand that sometimes it can be overwhelming.  We are here to help!

During your first visit, an esthetician will do an assessment of your skin, evaluate your skin care issues, needs and goals, and recommend the best suited natural and organic facials and treatments for you.

We listen and try to address all concerns possible, so that you have the most enjoyable experience with incredible results!

Call us today to make your appointment!

Call us at: (416) 553-0606

Make your appointment today!

Call Us At: (416)  553 -0606

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